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Ouvert du Mardi au Samedi




It's spring!
Jean-Louis Nomicos introduces you to his fragrant spring? The first fresh herbs, the delicate citrus, the hazelnut scented mushrooms and the crispy asparagus, they are all here at the same time and make an extraordinary rich material to create from. Jean-Louis Nomicos refines the tastes in harmony, getting to the heart of the raw seasonal produces, creating flavours like jewels?  

The chef pursues his work on lightness and his quest for purity. Less and less fat, more and more vivacity and freshness, Jean-Louis Nomicos refuses the useless. Movement is still taking up all his attention in the kitchen, respect for the produce prepared, peeled, cut, gently chiselled, the desire of always keeping the contact with the produce, mostly vegetal with vegetables, herbs, greens in general, coming from the south of France, after being grown with great care by small producers?

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